Customizable design of cryptographic processor, resistant to attacks with quantum computers

Company: Resquant Sp. z o.o.
Status: In progress

Date of publication: 10.01.2023

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Company description:

We are a polish startup established in 2020 to respond to the threats related to the development of quantum computers and their impact on currently used public key cryptography standards.

Our HQ is located in Łódź, however we operate from Warsaw.

Our mission is to provide electronic device manufacturers with easy to implement, tailored to specific needs and most efficient encryption which is resistant to attacks with quantum computers.

Our team consists of experienced cryptologists, auditors and FPGA engineers.



The accelerating development of quantum computers possess serious threat to currently used cryptography standards. Especially the public key cryptography (ECC and RSA) does not provide adequate security in the face of quantum attack (Shor’s and Grover’s algorithms).

In July 2022 National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) chose new algorithms (Kyber and Dilithium), which will soon become new, globally used standards.

In September National Security Agency (NSA) announced „Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite 2.0” in which postquantum algorithms are default & preferred from 2026​ and required from 2030.

However, due to the complexity of the transition process and many uncertainties, many companies withhold their decision to switch to quantum-secure encryption.


By offering an IP Core design of a cryptography processor implemented on FPGA microchips, that uses newly chosen post-quantum algorithms, we provide electronic device manufacturers with high-throughput, low-latency and energy efficient encryption resistant to attacks with quantum computers.

Next to quantum-resistance, we focus mainly on crypto-agility. Our unique, modular architecture allows easy updates, expansion with new functionalities and possibility to include own algorithms by the customer. Moreover our design has tunable performance, area and power consumption.

Thanks to the above-mentioned flexibility features, we give customers the opportunity to change the algorithms used and adapt the product during its use, depending on the needs and circumstances.

Additionally we offer cryptography consulting services, which include analysis of known attacks and verification of the correct selection of parameters and the quality of the data used in the following areas:

  • security analysis of used cryptographic algorithms and protocols​
  • advisory in secure boot process​
  • analysis of key managment process​
  • hardware protection


We are searching for:

– manufacturers using FPGA in their technology, willing to take part in PoC implementation of our accelerator

– customers for our cryptography IP Core solutions

– manufacturers wanting to check the security of their devices by trained experts

– technology partners for various R&D projects

Contact for investors/cooperation: